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Our Educators




Approved Provider Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) 


Allison is the centre owner and has had over 30 years of experience in the Early Childhood Industry, with 20 of that being a Teacher and Head Teacher at TAFENSW in the Early Childhood Education and Care section.


Allison has always been passionate about providing high quality early childhood education for children and families and believes that making connections in and to the surrounding community and embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is an important part of her service.



Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education 0-5 years) 


Annmaree is our very experienced and accomplished centre Director and Nominated Supervisor. Annmaree has had over 25 year’s experience in the early childhood industry. Annmaree has worked in long day care, nannied, and worked as an educator in London.

Annmaree has a passion for setting up beautiful and interesting environments for children, planning exceptional music and language experiences and leading our team towards excellence.




Diploma Educator Educational Leader


Kristen started at the centre as a trainee and completed her Diploma In Early Education and Care and has now gone on to be working towards her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).


Kristen has recently become our Educational Leader and is going to be inspiring and mentoring staff to continually improve outcomes for children and families. Kristen loves the everyday moments that inspire learning and enjoys being able to incorporate this into the children’s days at preschool.


Diploma Educator 


Nichelle has been in the industry since 2008 and had a hiatus from Australia for 5 years, living in London where she travelled and Nannied during this time. Nichelle is great at implementing healthy cooking experiences with the under 3’s and is always on top of the health and safety at our centre.

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Diploma Educator


Erica has over 10 years experience in the Early Childhood Industry and is our newest staff member. Erica is passionate about working with children and is very good at engaging with small groups of children to extend on their interests.



Diploma Educator


Lisa is a very experienced and dedicated educator who has worked in the industry for over 17 years. Lisa has a passion for watching children grow and learn at their own pace and enjoys setting up challenging and stimulating experiences and environments that encourage and foster children’s learning and development.




Diploma Educator


Taigan has been working in the Early Childhood industry for over 5 years. Taigan loves watching the children grow and learn and enjoys the fact that she is having a positive impact on the children that she is educating in the very important early years of development.



Diploma Educator


Rachel has been working in the Early Childhood industry for over 5 years. Rachel has great skills involving children in small group times which are fun and interesting. Rachel enjoys presenting language and music experiences to children and has been instrumental in teaching the children some songs in sign language.




Diploma Educator


Stacey has worked in the Early Childhood industry for the past 7 years in a variety of early childhood services Stacey’s enjoys the fact that she has been able to create, build and maintain many relationships with children and families.



Diploma Educator Support Worker


Madison recently completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and immediately enrolled on the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). Madison is our support worker for our children with additional needs. Madi is motivated and passionate about including all children in the preschool program and has built great connections with all children.




Certificate III Educator


Tykea completed her traineeship at our centre and has remained a very reliable and consistent casual since then. Tykea has developed great relationships with the children and has a competent understanding of children’s routines and rituals.




Jessica is currently completing her Diploma in Early Education and Care as a part time trainee. Jessica’s favourite part of working in the 0-3 room is watching the children becoming their own people, developing their own personality and confidence.






Renee is a trainee who is working towards her Certificate III in Children’s Education and Care. This is a career change for Renee and it is something she has always wanted to do. Renee is kind and caring with the children and has shown real strength in developing relationships with the children under 3 years.


Owner / Maintenance Officer


David is a regular visitor to the service carrying out many of the maintenance issues as they occur. The children love to try and help David with any little job that they can, or they enjoy having a chat. David keeps the grounds neat and makes sure that all the equipment is safe for the children to use.

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