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Welcome to
Tongarra Road Preschool and Early Learning Centre

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

We do everything to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our children, parents and employees. Additional information can be found here.


Our Philosophy

At Tongarra Road Preschool, our philosophy is simple, 'Preparing for Life, Educating for the Future'.

Our Curriculm

Our daily curriculum includes both indoor and outdoor experiences where the children have the opportunity to make decisions and choices through out the day. They opportunities to play independently, with a peer or in a small group and with or without an educator.





This has to be the most cost effective centre I have come across. My husband and I have a mortgage and it was getting really hard as we felt like all our fees were going to childcare. It was getting depressing. The staff are professional, the children are happy and safe - highly recommend.


My daughter has amazed us with her progress since the changeover. Staff are brilliant and the environment is beautiful. I will get another one. 


A fabulous preschool with dedicated & highly experienced teachers. Our daughter loved her year at this preschool & was thoroughly supported throughout.

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